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Goodbye RealTech August 29, 2007

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Well, all good things must come to an end and it seems that Real Tech’s days are numbered. The RealTeam is in the process of switching and transferring all info over to our new blogspot. If you are a frequent reader, please check out our blog at http://www.voramedia.blogspot.com. Thanks for reading!


Mailplane: Gmail Straight to your Desktop August 20, 2007

Posted by imindraneel in Apple, Software.
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I can track my earliest Gmail email to September of 2005. Gmail has grown, in more ways than one, since its conception over 3 years ago. Gmail is probably the only email service that you would not enjoy using more in a desktop client, simply because Google has made its features and interface so intuitive to use. That’s all well and good, but desktop clients integrate much better with the rest of your computer than web clients do. I’ve tried OutLook, Apple’s Mail, Thunderbird, and nothing has worked for me.

What’s a guy to do? Turn to a new beta app, Mailplane, that’s what.

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Alltel to gain speech-to-text message services August 20, 2007

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The United Kingdom’s SpinVox has reportedly made a deal with Alltel to deliver speech-to-text message services to its customers. People who have this service are going to be able to receive all their voice messages as text messages which will make things easier for them.

More importantly for our American readers, the company seems to be trying to make a deal with one of the US major carriers. It would be great for one of these companies to get something like this for their customers.

Via [BoyGeniusReport]

iBling August 20, 2007

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ipod shuffle bling

Mankind’s want to show they are rich has never let fashion slowed down for a breath or two, especially the ones including expensive stones. That has led to the evolution of gold staying underground to now your ears! 

Here is the classic example of a bourgeoisie doing what he does best: add bling. This poor iPod shuffle was lavished in 18 carat gold plating and 430 rocks of diamond! Not to forget, it can be clipped on to clothes so the owner can get that dumbfounded look from everybody.

I don’t think you should worry about the price, but if that’s what you want – 248,000 Norwegian Kroner ($41,800). That is the price tag of some cars!

Via [Wired]

Youtube/Google’s New Advertising Technique August 20, 2007

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Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Google reformatted Youtube so that its advertisements aren’t annoying! Many companies have tried; few have succeeded. Will Google’s Youtube be the first in a revolutionary chain to solve the problem of annoying ads? We’ll take a closer look in this article.How will Google place the ads on Youtube?Google has decided to put these “mini ads” on the bottom of each Youtube video. Each ad will be semi transparent, and mostly out of the way, but users can still click on the link if they are interested. When a link is clicked, the Youtube video will automatically pause, and when the user returns back to the Youtube page from the advertisement, the video will start again, this time without the ads. Each ad will last 10 seconds, which is more than enough time for a person to read it, but not too long so to annoy the viewer.How will companies benefit by placing their ads on Youtube?This question is asked purely to emphasize one point: companies will only benefit, if not a great deal from, placing their ads on Youtube. To give the reader some idea of how vast the Youtube community is, here are some statistics: there are over 130 million subscribers on Youtube, and the number is growing daily. Since Youtube is a free, online community, its videos can be seen by both users and non users, as well as posted on other Web pages by its users. Supposing that ONLY Youtube users viewed Youtube videos, companies would still make a fortune. Now, imagine if each user showed their video to one friend. The amount would double. Assume that each user had at least 3 videos. The amount of ads that person viewed would be astronomically high.Google spent $1.65 billion to buy Youtube. It will receive profits of billions from this business excusion. Other video sites will soon follow. This is the begin of a Video Ad Revolution. By the way, this Youtube format will begin to take effect on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007. Let’s hope it succeeds.Via [CNET]

USA Receives Its Very First Quad-Core Laptop August 18, 2007

Posted by Tony S in Computers, Games.
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Quad Core Laptop

Although MacBooks are really fine pieces of technology, it is a must to point out that the first Quad Core laptop has hit the stores in the US, today. Unlike the MacBook, this laptop is not an Apple product; it is from Intel, making it a PC. It’s name? Well, there are 2 versions of it: the Q6600 & the Q6700. Both are gaming laptops, but can be used for many other purposes as well.

Here are just some of the advantages of having one:

The Quad Core Laptop ships with 4.1 Speakers, which means that it comes with its own sub-woofer as well! Furthermore, it comes with a Web Cam, as well as a 12-cell battery, which can sustain it for hours without a plugged in power source. Of course, it can support Windows Vista due to its large amount of memory, fast processors, and superb video card. And to top it all off, it weighs only 12 and half pounds, without bargaining the durability.

Why have a Quad Core laptop?

Mostly for gaming purposes plus others; however, we all know that games can use up a vast amount of resources, causing everything else to run at a sluggish pace. That is the main innovation involved in the Quad Core models. The Quad Core laptop solves this problem by giving gamers what they want; a compromise between their games and their everyday programs, allowing them to run it all at a smooth pace. Terrific solution, eh?

Why not to buy the Quad Core Laptop? 

This thing costs $3, 359 dollars!

If you don’t play games at all.

Via [CNET]

MacBook August 16, 2007

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The MacBook. A terrific machine used which is easy to use for all ages, not just the working adult. Besides the glossy exterior of black and white, with keys perfect for our fingers, how much does the average person actually know about this extraordinary machine? Primarily, it runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo system. This is Intel’s most advanced Core micro-architecture, which allows speeds up to 2.16 GHz. This allows faster, more productive and functional use of it.

Secondly, it has the Front Row application. This allows the user to view his/her movies and picture albums on a 13.3 inch screen. The user can also listen to their iTunes library in total sound. Lastly, this phenomenal machine has wireless internet service. This allows the user to bring their work and games whever they choose. With a long-life battery, you can be on the go with this machine and work for a while before you have to charge it up again. The MacBook is a great invention that does not compare to anything else on the market. I’m very happy about receiving a Macbook for my birthday coming up soon. Any of you guys have a Macbook?

New Taser Gun Draws Suspicion August 16, 2007

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Ever since it was introduced in 1994, Taser guns have became a popular method of self protection that is widely available to civilians everywhere. However, the newly released C2 Version of the Taser gun, numerous changes have taken place such as becoming smaller, less conspicuous, and yet still packs a powerful punch. Although no bigger than a handheld razor, this piece of equipment can send out a 50,000 volt jolt, causing a victim to be momentarily incapacitated, even paralyzed, by it.

This new gun is raising concerns because of its wide availability, as well as its potential for criminal abuse. When technology falls in the wrong hands, we all know that bad things will happen. Therefore, the company has taken protective procedures to ensure some level of safety. First of all, buyers must first go through an intensive background check to make sure they’re not a criminal. Afterwards, they receive a special 5 digit code which they need to fire the weapon with. Furthermore, the company made the civilian version of the C2 Taser a short distance weapon; it can only fire up to 4.5 meters. That way, there will be no need to worry about criminals running around shocking innocent bystanders, or sniping somebody far away. This takes the potential lethality of the weapon out of its reach, rendering it just a safe alternative for self protection. I think that this is good that these government officials have put together a pretty good plan in order to make self-protection really self-protection and not giving weapons to criminals

Via [Reuters]

Want to play your PS3 in a sauna? August 15, 2007

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For all your sport needs go to http://www.sportsfullcircle.com. Made by the good guys who made this site possible.

Some recently conducted “extreme tests” have come to prove that in the battle of the consoles, Sony wins the Strength & Endurance award. Well looking at all the problems coming up in Microsoft’s Xbox 360, you can’t be surprised that some one else took the crown.

Sony’s Dave Karraker is wooing the company’s official blog post called “How to Kill a PS3” which clearly gives Sony a boost. The tests included playing a blu-ray disc games & movies for 108 hours without damaging the console. Not only that but they made it Antarctica-friendly by proving putting it in a freezer and lowering the temperature from a cool 50 degrees to a below-freezing, zero! I’m not so sure that any of the scientists there really care about a game, or maybe they can make a game all about penguins. Who knows?

Not to leave the Saharans out, tests were also conducted in a sauna where the temperature rose from 100 to 120 degrees over a period of 3 days. Unsurprisingly, the console was hot but it worked fine.

“A lot of noise has been made recently about the reliability issues of one of our competitor’s systems,” Karraker said, then went on to kick some sand in Redmond’s eye by adding “Did it fail? Nope.

Via [PS3Vault]

TextMate: Mac’s Missing Editor August 15, 2007

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The very first time I booted up my Mac, I instantly took to the apps that OS X had to offer. The only thing left lacking was a decent text editor. I would use Notepad (the Windows default text editor) over TextEdit (the OS X default). Enter TextMate from Macromates.

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