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Dashboard to Monitor Car Pollution August 11, 2007

Posted by Natesh in Automotive, Environmental Tech.


Recently, Nissan had created a concept car that could detect how sober, or how not sober its driver was. Cars have taken appropriate measures to become, let’s say smarter, in a few different ways. Now, researchers at the University of Manchester are working on to install a on-board system to check your cars emission of pollution. The genius people have designed a somewhat infrared laser than can detect carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane from your car’s exhaust. With global warming threatening to destroy the earth one day, this a good feature to help prevent us living on Mars for a while. The researchers hope their device thing can be incorporated into your car’s systems and alert you when their cars’ pollutant levels get critical and hope you take it easy on the driving. I think this is a good idea and start in preventing pollution. Any opinions?

No idea what the picture is, but feel free to figure it out.



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