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Gmail Account Hacked Via Wi-Fi Hotspot August 12, 2007

Posted by Tony S in Google News.

Hamster+Gmail=Hacked Gmail

CEO of Errata Security Robert Graham, at a Black Hat 2007 Web 2.0 Hijacking presentation given recently, was able to use a hacking tool code-named “Hamster” to successfully hack into a nearby victim’s Gmail account. This event was a used for demonstration purposes; yet many concerns have been raised regarding Web 2.0 security. Robert Graham was able to manipulate Hamster to crack into the Gmail account because the victim was sharing the Wi-fi connection; thus enabling Graham to find, process, and clone the Session ID and cookies that allowed him to gain access to the Gmail account. After entering, Graham was able to not only view messages, but send emails as well, masquerading as the unsuspecting victim. Furthermore, Graham was able to log-in to the Gmail account many days after he hacked, due to the saved Cookies and Session IDs. This was just an example of the dangers of sharing Wi-Fi connection; many others who are unsuspecting may also fall prey to black hat crackers in their community. Moral of the story: Be sure to protect yourself, and stay aware of who is around you and who is sharing your Internet Network Connection. Please take time to comment and share your feelings regarding this incident.



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