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iPhone too expensive? August 12, 2007

Posted by Ratish in Cell Phones.


No worries, say hello to the Motorola Q9! Announced back in mid-February earlier this year, this 11.88 mm thick of computer, phone, camera etc. is most likely to be launched later this month. It offers many features as of the iPhone and may even be better for the business purposes in sending email’s as the qwerty keyboard allows a more convenient use of typing emails then the iPhone’s revolutionary touch-pad. It would be just to call the Q9 the LeBron James of Michael Jordan (in this case the iPhone) because even though its an advanced evolution in the Q series; however, the iPhone is the real deal with it’s touch pad mentioned earlier, style, and the huge popularity. Nevertheless, what gives Q9 the biggest advantage maybe the price tag of only $200 bucks (wow that’s only now)!



1. Mike Panic - August 13, 2007

I’ve been waiting for this to come out for months. Rumor has it they drop August 24th. I honestly think that this will kill the Blackjack sales and force Samsung to make a 2nd gen version much faster. Regardless, I will most likely wait a month or two after initial release to make sure there are no major bugs with it.

2. Ratish - August 13, 2007

Yeah, they keep changing the dates. It’s annoying me frankly. Well, it might and it might not as you said that you will wait to see if there aren’t bugs or not so I think it depends all on that. If it’s fine then definitely or else Blackjack might get a few breaths. Also, why isn’t Samsung bringing about better high-tech phones?

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