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Microsoft Admits Problems in the 3 Red Lights on Xbox August 13, 2007

Posted by adityakalidindi in Games.

Xbox 360

That’s right everybody, Microsoft has finally decided to step up and be honest about the problem of 3 red lights occuring in several 360s. The three red lights in the xbox 360 have cost people tons of money in order to get it repaired. This three red light problem is not able to repaired and they only way of getting it taken care of was to either buy a new Xbox 360 or ship it to Microsoft and pay the excessive sum of 200 dollars to get the part replaced.

Now, many users can look forward to a better way because it has become as simple as calling Microsoft and telling them about your problem. You then register your Xbox 360 for a small fee of $59.90 and they will protect your Xbox for a full 3 years from the three red light problem as well as any future problems. They will send you a box within four days and instructions as how to prepare the console and put it in the box for shipping. They will then receive the box within 3-4 days and then they can repair your Xbox 360 for free and they will send you a new one within 2-4 weeks.

Not so bad right? Wouldn’t you rather have your Xbox fixed for free and wait a few weeks rather than buying a new one for much more or getting yours fixed for at least $200? As you can see, Microsoft has stepped up to this problem and the Xbox fanatics can once again, be happy and play their video games. It seems to me that this is a good way for Microsoft to ensure their customers’ happiness. Any comments?



1. Tony S - August 14, 2007

lol is this from experience?

2. adityakalidindi - August 18, 2007

yup this is from experience

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