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New to NYC? No Problemo August 13, 2007

Posted by Natesh in Automotive, News.


We’ve all had our moments when we first went to a new city and had no idea where to go or how to get there. This happens a lot to many tourists and now there is a solution to the frustrating task of hailing a cabbie and then telling your foreign driver where to go.

Taxiwiz.com is the friendly, english literate place, that will prompt you with a Google map filled with the information requested and also gives an estimate of the price to make sure you are never held without enough money. As of now, TaxiWiz is only available for eight major cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and San Diego. Eventually, there will be more cities available for your choosing. One last important feature is that this site is available on a cell phone, so it is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

I like the idea of this site, it looks to be a good way to make sure you can always get where you want in the busy streets of various cities. Any opinions?



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