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New Taser Gun Draws Suspicion August 16, 2007

Posted by Tony S in Security, World.


Ever since it was introduced in 1994, Taser guns have became a popular method of self protection that is widely available to civilians everywhere. However, the newly released C2 Version of the Taser gun, numerous changes have taken place such as becoming smaller, less conspicuous, and yet still packs a powerful punch. Although no bigger than a handheld razor, this piece of equipment can send out a 50,000 volt jolt, causing a victim to be momentarily incapacitated, even paralyzed, by it.

This new gun is raising concerns because of its wide availability, as well as its potential for criminal abuse. When technology falls in the wrong hands, we all know that bad things will happen. Therefore, the company has taken protective procedures to ensure some level of safety. First of all, buyers must first go through an intensive background check to make sure they’re not a criminal. Afterwards, they receive a special 5 digit code which they need to fire the weapon with. Furthermore, the company made the civilian version of the C2 Taser a short distance weapon; it can only fire up to 4.5 meters. That way, there will be no need to worry about criminals running around shocking innocent bystanders, or sniping somebody far away. This takes the potential lethality of the weapon out of its reach, rendering it just a safe alternative for self protection. I think that this is good that these government officials have put together a pretty good plan in order to make self-protection really self-protection and not giving weapons to criminals

Via [Reuters]



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