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USA Receives Its Very First Quad-Core Laptop August 18, 2007

Posted by Tony S in Computers, Games.
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Quad Core Laptop

Although MacBooks are really fine pieces of technology, it is a must to point out that the first Quad Core laptop has hit the stores in the US, today. Unlike the MacBook, this laptop is not an Apple product; it is from Intel, making it a PC. It’s name? Well, there are 2 versions of it: the Q6600 & the Q6700. Both are gaming laptops, but can be used for many other purposes as well.

Here are just some of the advantages of having one:

The Quad Core Laptop ships with 4.1 Speakers, which means that it comes with its own sub-woofer as well! Furthermore, it comes with a Web Cam, as well as a 12-cell battery, which can sustain it for hours without a plugged in power source. Of course, it can support Windows Vista due to its large amount of memory, fast processors, and superb video card. And to top it all off, it weighs only 12 and half pounds, without bargaining the durability.

Why have a Quad Core laptop?

Mostly for gaming purposes plus others; however, we all know that games can use up a vast amount of resources, causing everything else to run at a sluggish pace. That is the main innovation involved in the Quad Core models. The Quad Core laptop solves this problem by giving gamers what they want; a compromise between their games and their everyday programs, allowing them to run it all at a smooth pace. Terrific solution, eh?

Why not to buy the Quad Core Laptop? 

This thing costs $3, 359 dollars!

If you don’t play games at all.

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