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Alltel to gain speech-to-text message services August 20, 2007

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The United Kingdom’s SpinVox has reportedly made a deal with Alltel to deliver speech-to-text message services to its customers. People who have this service are going to be able to receive all their voice messages as text messages which will make things easier for them.

More importantly for our American readers, the company seems to be trying to make a deal with one of the US major carriers. It would be great for one of these companies to get something like this for their customers.

Via [BoyGeniusReport]


Youtube/Google’s New Advertising Technique August 20, 2007

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Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Google reformatted Youtube so that its advertisements aren’t annoying! Many companies have tried; few have succeeded. Will Google’s Youtube be the first in a revolutionary chain to solve the problem of annoying ads? We’ll take a closer look in this article.How will Google place the ads on Youtube?Google has decided to put these “mini ads” on the bottom of each Youtube video. Each ad will be semi transparent, and mostly out of the way, but users can still click on the link if they are interested. When a link is clicked, the Youtube video will automatically pause, and when the user returns back to the Youtube page from the advertisement, the video will start again, this time without the ads. Each ad will last 10 seconds, which is more than enough time for a person to read it, but not too long so to annoy the viewer.How will companies benefit by placing their ads on Youtube?This question is asked purely to emphasize one point: companies will only benefit, if not a great deal from, placing their ads on Youtube. To give the reader some idea of how vast the Youtube community is, here are some statistics: there are over 130 million subscribers on Youtube, and the number is growing daily. Since Youtube is a free, online community, its videos can be seen by both users and non users, as well as posted on other Web pages by its users. Supposing that ONLY Youtube users viewed Youtube videos, companies would still make a fortune. Now, imagine if each user showed their video to one friend. The amount would double. Assume that each user had at least 3 videos. The amount of ads that person viewed would be astronomically high.Google spent $1.65 billion to buy Youtube. It will receive profits of billions from this business excusion. Other video sites will soon follow. This is the begin of a Video Ad Revolution. By the way, this Youtube format will begin to take effect on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007. Let’s hope it succeeds.Via [CNET]

Tips to Make your Basement Bar Even Better August 15, 2007

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Do you have a basement bar for all your buddies after a long day at work? Well now, don’t waste another second behind that table serving up beers to your friends. Don’t be a Moe Syzlack, be a Homer Simpson, be lazy. Coming next spring, a virtual drink dispenser. This drink dispenser can hold up to 12 different types of drinks from alcohols to water. Its control center is linked the internet so it can deliver recipes found online as well as your own drinks. Set to release in Spring 2008 and sell for the price of $2,575. Well you might have to be a Burns to afford this. Good idea though.

Via [Wired]

iStraw, this Time it’s not iPod Related August 14, 2007

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Are you a health freak? Are you germophobic? Well this is probably the right product for you.

Introducing the iStraw, perfect for making sure you never get sick by drinking water again. It eliminates up to 99.99999%, jeez why can’t they just say 100% at this point, of all waterborne bacteria. It’s great for camping or wherever water isn’t filtered and you can take it anywhere with you. Also, it doesn’t need to be replaced until it’s saved you from 500 liters of potentially dangerous water.

How much does a straw that can save your life cost? Well about $40, pretty good. I don’t think you’re going to look cool in school when you whip out this straw when drinking from the water fountain, but it could be helpful in some instances. Anyone got an opinion?

Via [Gizmodo]

New to NYC? No Problemo August 13, 2007

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We’ve all had our moments when we first went to a new city and had no idea where to go or how to get there. This happens a lot to many tourists and now there is a solution to the frustrating task of hailing a cabbie and then telling your foreign driver where to go.

Taxiwiz.com is the friendly, english literate place, that will prompt you with a Google map filled with the information requested and also gives an estimate of the price to make sure you are never held without enough money. As of now, TaxiWiz is only available for eight major cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and San Diego. Eventually, there will be more cities available for your choosing. One last important feature is that this site is available on a cell phone, so it is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

I like the idea of this site, it looks to be a good way to make sure you can always get where you want in the busy streets of various cities. Any opinions?