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iBling August 20, 2007

Posted by Ratish in iPod, Random.
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ipod shuffle bling

Mankind’s want to show they are rich has never let fashion slowed down for a breath or two, especially the ones including expensive stones. That has led to the evolution of gold staying underground to now your ears! 

Here is the classic example of a bourgeoisie doing what he does best: add bling. This poor iPod shuffle was lavished in 18 carat gold plating and 430 rocks of diamond! Not to forget, it can be clipped on to clothes so the owner can get that dumbfounded look from everybody.

I don’t think you should worry about the price, but if that’s what you want – 248,000 Norwegian Kroner ($41,800). That is the price tag of some cars!

Via [Wired]


Tips to Make your Basement Bar Even Better August 15, 2007

Posted by Natesh in News, Random.
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Do you have a basement bar for all your buddies after a long day at work? Well now, don’t waste another second behind that table serving up beers to your friends. Don’t be a Moe Syzlack, be a Homer Simpson, be lazy. Coming next spring, a virtual drink dispenser. This drink dispenser can hold up to 12 different types of drinks from alcohols to water. Its control center is linked the internet so it can deliver recipes found online as well as your own drinks. Set to release in Spring 2008 and sell for the price of $2,575. Well you might have to be a Burns to afford this. Good idea though.

Via [Wired]