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Goodbye RealTech August 29, 2007

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Well, all good things must come to an end and it seems that Real Tech’s days are numbered. The RealTeam is in the process of switching and transferring all info over to our new blogspot. If you are a frequent reader, please check out our blog at http://www.voramedia.blogspot.com. Thanks for reading!


Problem with RealTech/WordPress Categories Option August 14, 2007

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There is a serious problem with Realtech/Wordpress. This has just been confirmed recently; investigations are about to be launched. So what’s the problem?From experience, Blogger Tony S can truthfully say that, “I’ve experienced problems with the categories. I cannot add more categories, and am constantly stressed out by figuring out which boxes to check, when a simpler and easier solution would be to give me admin so I can add my own, fitting categories.” He also claims that he devotes 50-60% of his blogging time in trying to match which category to place his articles under, rather than writing the articles themselves. He feels that this serious issue must be rectified if RealTech has any chance of succeeding.

“It’s not like I don’t want to contribute; I just simply cannot find what button to check!” He can be found at his computer for long hours into the night, trying to decide upon the solution to this serious dilemma.Come on, people. It is simplicity that solves the world’s problems, and not originality, as Aristotle once said.  In other words, improvements on existing things are far more appreciated than inventing new things. Therefore, improvements on the existing blogging tool WordPress should be made in order to conquer the massive Web Audience it targets.

Categories should simply be made to be an option where any, if not all, bloggers, regardless of status, should be able to create. This can save a lot of stress from bloggers sharing Tony’s condition.Another concern that was recently raised was of vision. Not only does this decision of choosing the right category tax the mind, it also impairs the vision of many young bloggers. As we all know,  staring at a computer screen for hours on end can cause myopia, a vision distortment common among Asians, characterized by tiny eyes and a tendency to wear thick glasses. When deciding among which categories to choose, a blogger may be forced to stare at a computer screen. Those unfortunate enough may develop these symptoms, and may need to spend their savings on glasses instead of books and college.

Furthermore, the thick glasses that result from staring at a computer can cause a person to look “nerdy”. “I wish I can rid myself of these glasses and still be able to read and walk and not bump into things! Oh yeah, and do geometry in the summer!”. Glasses may lower one’s self esteem, especially if one is placed under the “nerd” label. The blogging community has to recognize this as an imminent threat towards individual bloggers, and prevent a series of disasters spreading from this one cause. Once again, the need for all bloggers to be able to post their own category instead of selecting one from a menu is great; one cannot hope to live in a blogging community for long if one is constantly pressured by such things. So please, let bloggers all be able to apply their own labels!

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Just a joke guys!

Welcome New Writer August 12, 2007

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Today, we welcome in our RealTech new writer, Tony S.

Welcome to RealTech August 9, 2007

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Welcome all to RealTech. We hope to inform those who are interested in technology. Expect more technology posts to be here soon.