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Tips to Make your Basement Bar Even Better August 15, 2007

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Do you have a basement bar for all your buddies after a long day at work? Well now, don’t waste another second behind that table serving up beers to your friends. Don’t be a Moe Syzlack, be a Homer Simpson, be lazy. Coming next spring, a virtual drink dispenser. This drink dispenser can hold up to 12 different types of drinks from alcohols to water. Its control center is linked the internet so it can deliver recipes found online as well as your own drinks. Set to release in Spring 2008 and sell for the price of $2,575. Well you might have to be a Burns to afford this. Good idea though.

Via [Wired]


Outlook: iLife ’08 August 15, 2007

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Tuesday marked the third major Apple keynote event of the year, and many things came out of this (relatively) short event. Aside from shiny new iMac, Apple revamped their iLife and iWork software suites, bumping them both up to version ‘08.

Today, I’ll provide my outlook on Apple’s media suite; iLife ‘08.

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Price falls on Xbox 360 August 15, 2007

Posted by adityakalidindi in Games.
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Xbox 360

Looking for a way to afford the Xbox 360? Well here’s your opportunity folks. The Xbox 360 has just dropped a whopping 50 bucks. As you game fanatics may know there are three different types of the Xbox 360.We have the basic Xbox 360 core for the beginners at gaming and for the people who want to save a little bit of money. This Xbox may not be the best way to go, but it has dropped a decent 20 dollars. It may not sound like much, but hey, at least it dropped something.

Next, we have our regular Xbox 360 which includes the console as well as wireless controllers. This is the path to take for those hard core gamers that really know what they are doing. This overpriced version of the Xbox has dropped a whole 50 dollars in a short amount of time. This variant of the Xbox is a good path to take but there is also another interpretation of this console. Not too much cheaper is it though?

Now, we come across to the console of present time. The ultimate console that any absolute game fanatic would want to possess. The Xbox 360 elite cost an excessive amount, 479 dollars, at the beginning of its release. However, in due time this version went down a nice 30 dollars making it 449 dollars. This may not sound like much but you are indeed saving a lot of money when you buy the accessories with the console. This may be the most expensive of the three, but folks, it is definitely worth it. It will save you a ton of headaches and a lot of money.

I purchased the regular Xbox, but if I knew about the elite, i would have bought that. This Xbox has cost a lot of money getting it fixed. What Xbox’s do you guys own? How do you guys like them?

Via [GameStop]

Summer Camp for Internet Addicts August 14, 2007

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Okay readers, be honest, how many of you guys spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer? I know that I spend enough time but I manage to have a life, however, these Chinese teens spend a lot of time and don’t have a life. If you live in China and are between the age of 14-22 it looks like you have to go to camp. This unlucky 10 day camp features a psychological test and evaluation. Then you will undergo a series of military-like drills as well as therapy.

So far, the camp is experimenting with a group of 40 teens. Yet, there are close to 2.6 million teens under 18 that are addicts, so there is still a long way to go until China can rid their country of teenage internet addiction. This idea was proposed due to recent deaths resulting from violent games and other internet problems. As a result, camp has begun and now China is working to ban violent games and new internet cafés. How many of you guys out there would have to go to camp if they lived in China? How many of you guys can relate to the picture above? Be honest folks.

iStraw, this Time it’s not iPod Related August 14, 2007

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Are you a health freak? Are you germophobic? Well this is probably the right product for you.

Introducing the iStraw, perfect for making sure you never get sick by drinking water again. It eliminates up to 99.99999%, jeez why can’t they just say 100% at this point, of all waterborne bacteria. It’s great for camping or wherever water isn’t filtered and you can take it anywhere with you. Also, it doesn’t need to be replaced until it’s saved you from 500 liters of potentially dangerous water.

How much does a straw that can save your life cost? Well about $40, pretty good. I don’t think you’re going to look cool in school when you whip out this straw when drinking from the water fountain, but it could be helpful in some instances. Anyone got an opinion?

Via [Gizmodo]

Problem with RealTech/WordPress Categories Option August 14, 2007

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There is a serious problem with Realtech/Wordpress. This has just been confirmed recently; investigations are about to be launched. So what’s the problem?From experience, Blogger Tony S can truthfully say that, “I’ve experienced problems with the categories. I cannot add more categories, and am constantly stressed out by figuring out which boxes to check, when a simpler and easier solution would be to give me admin so I can add my own, fitting categories.” He also claims that he devotes 50-60% of his blogging time in trying to match which category to place his articles under, rather than writing the articles themselves. He feels that this serious issue must be rectified if RealTech has any chance of succeeding.

“It’s not like I don’t want to contribute; I just simply cannot find what button to check!” He can be found at his computer for long hours into the night, trying to decide upon the solution to this serious dilemma.Come on, people. It is simplicity that solves the world’s problems, and not originality, as Aristotle once said.  In other words, improvements on existing things are far more appreciated than inventing new things. Therefore, improvements on the existing blogging tool WordPress should be made in order to conquer the massive Web Audience it targets.

Categories should simply be made to be an option where any, if not all, bloggers, regardless of status, should be able to create. This can save a lot of stress from bloggers sharing Tony’s condition.Another concern that was recently raised was of vision. Not only does this decision of choosing the right category tax the mind, it also impairs the vision of many young bloggers. As we all know,  staring at a computer screen for hours on end can cause myopia, a vision distortment common among Asians, characterized by tiny eyes and a tendency to wear thick glasses. When deciding among which categories to choose, a blogger may be forced to stare at a computer screen. Those unfortunate enough may develop these symptoms, and may need to spend their savings on glasses instead of books and college.

Furthermore, the thick glasses that result from staring at a computer can cause a person to look “nerdy”. “I wish I can rid myself of these glasses and still be able to read and walk and not bump into things! Oh yeah, and do geometry in the summer!”. Glasses may lower one’s self esteem, especially if one is placed under the “nerd” label. The blogging community has to recognize this as an imminent threat towards individual bloggers, and prevent a series of disasters spreading from this one cause. Once again, the need for all bloggers to be able to post their own category instead of selecting one from a menu is great; one cannot hope to live in a blogging community for long if one is constantly pressured by such things. So please, let bloggers all be able to apply their own labels!

 Via [HBS’s Brain]

Just a joke guys!

Use Nike+iPod Sport Kit without the Nike August 13, 2007

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shoepouch.jpg    Remember when the Nike+iPod Sport Kit came out? It was really cool and seemed to be a great accessory for the iPod. The only problem with it, at the time, was that it could only be used with Nike shoes. If you didn’t like running with Nike shoes, well then you were out of luck. Now, thanks to Grantwood Technology, there is a solution if you didn’t want the Nike shoes. Grantwood Technology has developed the Nike+Shoe Pouch, which is a pouch that can be put on any type of shoe. The pouch comes in a variety of colors, eight to be exact, and costs a small sum of $7! Interesting, I might consider buying one of these because it’s far cheaper than buying it with the shoes. Nice idea.

Via [Wired]

New to NYC? No Problemo August 13, 2007

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We’ve all had our moments when we first went to a new city and had no idea where to go or how to get there. This happens a lot to many tourists and now there is a solution to the frustrating task of hailing a cabbie and then telling your foreign driver where to go.

Taxiwiz.com is the friendly, english literate place, that will prompt you with a Google map filled with the information requested and also gives an estimate of the price to make sure you are never held without enough money. As of now, TaxiWiz is only available for eight major cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and San Diego. Eventually, there will be more cities available for your choosing. One last important feature is that this site is available on a cell phone, so it is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

I like the idea of this site, it looks to be a good way to make sure you can always get where you want in the busy streets of various cities. Any opinions?

Microsoft Admits Problems in the 3 Red Lights on Xbox August 13, 2007

Posted by adityakalidindi in Games.

Xbox 360

That’s right everybody, Microsoft has finally decided to step up and be honest about the problem of 3 red lights occuring in several 360s. The three red lights in the xbox 360 have cost people tons of money in order to get it repaired. This three red light problem is not able to repaired and they only way of getting it taken care of was to either buy a new Xbox 360 or ship it to Microsoft and pay the excessive sum of 200 dollars to get the part replaced.

Now, many users can look forward to a better way because it has become as simple as calling Microsoft and telling them about your problem. You then register your Xbox 360 for a small fee of $59.90 and they will protect your Xbox for a full 3 years from the three red light problem as well as any future problems. They will send you a box within four days and instructions as how to prepare the console and put it in the box for shipping. They will then receive the box within 3-4 days and then they can repair your Xbox 360 for free and they will send you a new one within 2-4 weeks.

Not so bad right? Wouldn’t you rather have your Xbox fixed for free and wait a few weeks rather than buying a new one for much more or getting yours fixed for at least $200? As you can see, Microsoft has stepped up to this problem and the Xbox fanatics can once again, be happy and play their video games. It seems to me that this is a good way for Microsoft to ensure their customers’ happiness. Any comments?

People-Trackers in China August 13, 2007

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Surveillance Camera Mounted on Building

Beginning this month, people in Shen Zhen will have to carry “resident cards” around for security purposes. These resident cards can identify information about each individual and report that information to police headquarters. Furthermore, over 20,000 police surveillance cameras were deployed in public areas recently, to track criminal activity and identify criminals in the large crowds of Shen Zhen, city of over 12.7 million people.

Citizens carrying the resident cards would be identified by their saved information on the embedded computer chips inside the cards. The personal information about them include their address, work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, and even their reproductive history (in an attempt to enforce China’s “one child” policy to reduce its overpopulation problem).

Surveillance cameras were also recently implemented, in public areas, for security reasons. With these cameras, the Chinese government hopes to reduce the crime rate in these crowded cities, ensuring a better future for China. Although the idea of using security cameras to catch criminals has been tried before in other countries, China is one of the first to arrange such massive, large-scale plans. Shen Zhen already has over 180,000 closed-circuit cameras in operation both indoors and outdoors, and each new day brings forth more cameras, set up in all places imaginable; from street corners to lamp posts, from billboards to taxi-tops. In short, the city of Shen Zhen is one of the first cities that China is working on; a demonstration to the world of what technology can help with in the community.

With resident cards and surveillance cameras in operation in the city of Shen Zhen, China, the Chinese government is hoping to use this as an example to show other countries that technology can aid in catching criminals, and other security issues that plague the world today. May this serve as a reminder that our technology is the key that can potentially turn the lock and rid us of tomorrow’s problems. Comments would be appreciated; please take time to discuss your views on this article, thanks!

Via [NY Times]