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RealTech Team

Meet the Admins:

Ratish M.

Owner & Co-Founder of RealIndia and RealTech with friend Natesh. Currently, resides in the North-East area and is a high school student at a private school. Ratish is known to play various sports ranging from Cricket to soccer to wrestling with several others in between. He is a holder of citizenship from India even though he resides elsewhere; aspires to become an astronaut someday. His writing experience comes from positions in sites like Gadgetell., and currently writes for MacApper.

Natesh S.

Owner & Co-Founder of RealIndia and RealTech with friend Ratish. Natesh lives in the vicinity of partner Ratish; plays several sports especially Volleyball and Cross Country in high school. With a high interest in astronomy, Natesh also likes to cover many topics ranging from Sports to Technology and currently writes for Gadgetell.

Indraneel Purohit

Indraneel is a teen living in New Jersey. He loves all things tech and all things Apple. He writes for his blog and Gadgetell.

Intrigued? Read on.


Tony S. 

An intelligent being living in the tri-state area. This teenager masters in the art of Chinese language, Chinese writing, Chinese everything pretty much and also academics. He also is a very fast long-distance runner landing in the top 10 range in his school. He is new to blogging so let’s all welcome him to the RealTeam!

Rohan R.

He is kind of an all-rounder with all honors in school plus soccer for a travel team. He also plays sports here and there and just started blogging right on RealTech.

Aditya K.

A short man with high hopes, he aspires to become the best he can. He is currently in process of writing history by attempting on making the basketball team again and is also in all honors just like everyone here.



1. Al Patel - October 1, 2008

I was wondering if this site is going to be deleted now that you have moved. I was interested in writing a blog about technology and real estate and thought the name realtech would be great. I would like to use the name if you are not going to use it any more. Thanks.

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